Terms and Conditions of Membership

The club is an open club and members of all ages and abilities are welcome.  In the case of a sports section cap the applications will be processed based on the following guidelines:

  • First come first served; time stamped by time and date of delivery, either by email or by hand during club office hours and time stamped by an office employee
  • Family applications will be processed as one applicant
  • The cap only applies to full tennis, squash or combined memberships. In the case of combined (Tennis & Squash) your sports preference will determine the waiting list joined
  • This will cap will not apply to a former racket member who has transitioned to social membership after prolonged injury or absence
  • Junior membership is not capped
  • The interpretation of these guidelines is the sole responsibility of the Club Manager
Application/Cancellation Process
  1. Applications for membership will be processed weekly (normally every Wednesday) 
  2. Applications received before the second Wednesday of the month will be processed that month and back-dated to the beginning of the month for the subscription payment
  3. Applications received after the second Wednesday will be processed the following month and membership will be set to the first day of the month
  4. Joining materials, including fobs, can be collected from the bar during bar opening hours. They will be available on the second Wednesday evening and the first Wednesday of the month
  5. The joining fee and fob charge will be added to the first subscription payment
  6. Members can cancel their membership at any time without notice or penalty and will not be charged a cancellation or admin fee to do so. However, the member agrees to do so in writing by email or letter. Please note that credit for lights and booking fees should be requested at the time of termination.
  7. After the date of termination any credit balance becomes null and void and any balance left in the member’s PayPal court account will be deemed the property of Leamington Lawn Tennis and Squash Club and used to fund development of the club.
  8. Should you cancel your Direct Debit directly with your bank, this will be taken as cancellation of membership and be immediately effective and clause 7 above will apply.
  9. The club will be sensitive to failure to collect subscriptions from the bank due to lack of funds or other reasons.  Please contact the club in advance if there is a possibility of such a case. However, without communication from the member and after a second attempt to collect subscriptions membership will be cancelled
  10. At the discretion of the club, if due to injury or in the case of prolonged absence, you can request a switch of your membership to a social membership by contacting the Club Manager
  11. If due to severe financial circumstances, please contact the Club Manager for assistance and hel
  12. The Club Company reserves the right to refuse admission and/or terminate a membership if, in its opinion, that person has caused nuisance, annoyance, offence or a breach of rules. The right to terminate a membership without explanation requires a Management Committee majority vote.
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